Who we are? 

Created by Alicia C. Reap,

also known as Lei, 

a free black woman with

roots in Norfolk, VA 

& Dominican Republic! 

Her mission has always been

focused on guiding those

to love every version of

themselves, the dark & the light.

MysticFairie Apothecary was created after apprenticing with Empress Karen Rose, who challenged me to create a line that was a representation of my own journey.  I understood how massive my ability to nurture and love truly is and how I am a mystic at heart.  I am a spirit who seeks union through the simplest things because SPIRIT is in everything.  Every day we embark on the mystic journey to uncover the mystery of WHO WE ARE! My work will always be focused on guiding those to find their inner sanctuary by going so far beyond the intellect........to the land of spirit, plants, and magic.  

Spiritual Services!

I am a certified Reiki & Akashic Record Practitioner, Spiritual Herbalist, Mother, & Witch who channels light force energy into each session to meet you exactly where you are on your OWN journey.  By receiving any type of reading, you are allowing me to be the physical vessel I was sent here to be and together we exchange sacred energy to retrieve any messages for you that can aid in your own self-care healing journey.  

In each session my intention is to bring clarity to all areas of your physical, mental, and emotional states of being while also raising a vibration of love and inner peace with meditation, intuitive practices and rituals. 


Our Ingredients? 


All plant material is FIRST blessed when received and sourced from local or organic farms that practice sustainable methods.  One of these methods include paying reverence to our plant allies. 

Herbal Consultations
(the power of plants & magic!)


Working with the power of plants allows you to be in alignment with yourself by tapping into the magic of who you are!  We share the same world as our plant allies, who have been here before us and continue to guide us with their medicinal and spiritual knowledge!

In this consultation, we work together by using information that is filled out via an intake form that will be sent within 24 - 48 hours of booking this service.  The intake form allows me to properly assist in any dis-ease or dis-comfort and support you the way that works best for YOU! It is my commitment to meet you half way and honor your unique needs and differences while finding a holistic approach! 

Each consultation is different for each person and includes one herbal product as part of the package.  Any additional items created will be charged separately.  

My Teachers 


We all have master's, teacher's, and loved ones whom guide us and I am beyond grateful to those who have helped me along my journey.  

Empress Karen Rose - Word's are not enough to describe my love for this being who taught me and introduced me to Spiritual Herbalism.  I am forever a Sacred Vibes Apprentice!  She showed me the love I have for workshops, teaching, and more importantly being of service and alignment with our Sacred values which is a daily guide for me, always! 

Houie Love - An amazing being who created a safe space to learn and master the Akashic Records.

Akuchi - This beautiful woman who attuned me to Reiki in 2016 which expanded my consciousness so much all of my gifts began to fall in place.