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READY.....SET.....MARCH !!

I decided to pull some cards for the signs as we welcome the month of march and continue to celebrate the Full Moon!

My intention is to allow this energy to support, nourish, and above all provide spiritual insight for the week ahead!

First, Pause

Then, Breathe in - strongly and release loudly

Feel exactly where you are today, in this very moment


Take what resonates and if it doesn't resonate save the love in your back pocket for later !

Journey with me below:


Step into your self-worth! By defining exactly who you are and what you like to do? You are exactly where you need to be! Embrace the unique individual you came here to be! Claim your confidence by simply being you! Being you means listening to yourself! Listening to your own intuition and stepping into what you want for yourself. Write a list of who you are and what defines you! Start with's time to get back to yourself.


As we let go of judgement and the need to "fix" a situation or to label things as good or bad, we begin to realize that every situation carries with it a gift and that we each have unique lessons to learn. By judging or focusing on each other's faults we contribute to keeping each other stuck in those places. Our lack of acceptance of other people stems from a deeper judgment of ourselves. So before you judge someone for their shortcomings or mistakes, take a moment to genuinely feel what it's like to stand in their shoes.


Experience yourself giving, not because of what you will receive in return, but for the profound pleasure of giving. The simple act of sharing a smile or hug with someone....making or giving a gift without a special occasion....offering a thoughtful word or quiet listening ear in a time of unexpected need...these are all acts of love. What we often fail to realize is that the love we most seek to experience, the love that radiates Divinity, is a love that comes from deep within ourselves. Love yourself in each moment for just being who you are!


It's time to seek new knowledge and expand your perception of reality. Recognize the patterns that are playing out in your life and the role you play (or could play) in the world. Take pleasure in being part of the ongoing development of the universal consciousness. Enjoy the process of gradually learning about your place in the world. Through introspection we grow to understand ourselves. Now is a great time for self reflection - journaling, meditation, and reminding yourself of the journey of all the lessons.


This is an invitation to consider your relationships - with self and others - in this way. See those around you in their highest light, and to acknowledge yourself within this light. Stop for a moment & reflect upon your primary relationships with friends, loved ones, family & colleagues. Consider the balance of energy exchanged, the emotional wants and needs that each relationships gives and receives from you. Who do you hold back energy from and who do you perhaps over-give to, in compensation for some insecurity or fear of loss?


Close your eyes for a moment and take a snapshot of your thoughts. Are they holding visions of your highest potential or are they spiraling in the other direction? It's time to sharpen your awareness of the activity of your mind and to call upon this incredible resource to be a true and trusted guide. Train your mind to focus on the positive aspects of life and to remain open to new concepts and ideas. Find out what creative, imaginative places your mind can travel to, if you let it loose!


Your being called to address your solar plexus chakra aka your inner fire. To breathe into the depths of your belly and to move with more strength, courage and confidence in the direction of your goals. Use your intellect and gut instincts to plan a path to achieve all that you desire.


Money, like love, is about giving and receiving energy. Some people find it hard to give and show love. Others find it difficult to accept and feel "worthy" of love. The same goes with money. Are you generous? Are you willing and open to receive an abundance of money in your life? It's time! Open and allow expansive energy when thinking about money.


Come into alignment - inside and out - with what you really want to say in life. Take time to get clear within yourself first, become conscious of what your soul wishes to express. Then open your perception to the many ways that you may be able to communicate that clarity. Practice expressing yourself out loud and in other ways!


Speak up, speak out and let yourself be heard! It is time for your inner voice to have an outlet. The throat chakra encourages us to communicate and express ourselves with honesty and integrity. All the natural expression of creativity to flow through you in any way it wants to manifest. Sing, paint, write, move, dance - just let your creative juices flow!


Pay closer attention to your dreams to notice which ones hold important messages for you. When you wake up, write down your memories from sleeping...notice where you were and any symbols that seemed significant. Become aware of how you felt in the dream. If people,, themes, or memories arise in your dreams this is so you can heal hidden wounds or awaken to forgotten aspects of yourself. Reclaim your role as an active, conscious dreamer! As a visionary weaver of life's greatest gifts and possibilities.


What makes you passionate in life? What makes you excited? What makes you laugh? Think about a time where you were so happy and fulfilled. What elements came together to fulfil your soul's desire ? It's time to find what really makes you happy and joyous. Think about what you have it making you happy or just feeding superficial gratification? If you could do, be or create anything in this lifetime, what would it be?

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