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September Full Moon In Pisces <3

Is it me or are you finally becoming into yourself ? Regardless of what anyone else has labeled you. Finally stepping into what you see and vision for all aspects of your life? and then boom! Another download comes in, asking you to expand!

This Full Moon in Pisces is BEYOND strong because of all the emotional power that has been brewing from summer as we begin to walk into Fall.

Here are some tips for this Full Moon:

VALIDATE yourself! If it's something you want to do, write a practical plan! You can spend all day dreaming, all day looking at other's work to get RE-inspired to talk yourself all the way up, to then say, Not yet. No. Now is the time!

RELEASE & TRUST: If you are still being triggered by any person, place, or thing during this time....EXAMINE these emotions. There is something bigger that you are missing. This energy is asking you to look at yourself, what are you not seeing? What lies have you told yourself to remain the victim? To remain mad? To remain in a negative state of being? Release this in order to actually move ahead. Then trust what's coming!

Daily, Weekly, Monthly:

Checklist season ! Take a moment and determine what need's to be done Daily, Weekly, & Monthly to live a life balanced of masculine and feminine energy! To be able to see clearly and use the magic of a pen and paper to drill down into the details of your desires.

Exercise More:

Pisces rules our feet, so get the energy moving & flowing. Everything is energy and the more downloads you receive the more you have to be able to move this energy to allow it to flow.

<3 Sending so much love to you! Reach out if you'd like a reading <3

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